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    I'm Amanda and I'm a professional portrait, event and wedding photographer based out of Northern New Mexico with frequent travels back to the panhandle of Florida. How can this be? To give you a little insight on the gal behind the lens...

    I started my business in 2010 while working for a local bank in Tallahassee, Florida. A newfound passion led me to begin photographing my dog and any other individual that would allow it. After a couple of years of steady learning, combined with some of my incredible clients' trust and loyalty, I was able to cultivate my dream and love for this art into reality.

    "I use an unobtrusive approach to my photography to best produce images evolved from natural emotions. Preserving the happiness glistening from the eyes of a family or the brilliant smiles between two newlyweds give me pure joy and I thank God for this gift He has given me."

    In April of 2012, a smooth talking cowboy stole my heart and my residence carrying me to a beautifully remote ranch in the middle of the wild New Mexico mountains. I live with that wonderful man (now husband) and 2 crazy dogs and am shooting in a way I never would have imagined. I fly back to Florida every couple of months to shoot weddings for couples that end up being friends and families that always remind me of why I love what I do. As of now, I have been expanding my business around my new stomping grounds shooting big game hunts, fly fishing trips and making time to relish the incredible experiences I am blessed to have.

    S0- if you’re surrounded by live oaks or palm trees in the South, hiking through the mountains in the West or anywhere in between, give me a shout. I would love to get to know you and create a custom collection to document the love and experiences that make your life beautiful.


Aubree Lynn + Dave | Wedding | St. Augustine Beach, FL

Aubree Lynn. My cousin and first friend. GOT MARRIED. She married a man that loves her exactly as she is. He loves her for her adventurous spirit. He loves her bright smile. As for her? I would bet to say she simply loves the kind of man Dave is. Kind, patient, fun and as a chef, makes her the best chicken fingers she’s ever tasted. Stealing her heart and planting her feet in California,  Dave has brought Bree the best kind of adventure: love.

Dave & Bree- Being a part of your wedding week and day is a memory I am glad I will always have. Dave, I love how you can make my cousin laugh and how gentle you are with her. I had such a great time getting to know your family and welcome them into ours. Aubree Lynn, cuh, I love you. Thank you for having me be a part of such a big time in your life. The laughs and seafood we shared will always be special to me. You were a stunning bride and I hope your day was everything you wanted. Cheers to having all of the happiness you can possibly hold.

Archery Mule Deer | Wild Game Photography | Vermejo Park Ranch, NM

Burning sage, or smudging, is a Native American ritual used to honor the spirit of the animal harvested. It signifies a grateful heart of the hunter to the animal for providing food and life. A member of the Lakota tribe, guide James Reidy gives thanks.

The Swingle Family | Portraits | Vermejo Park Ranch, New Mexico

A vacation in the mountains gave the family a break from their Arizona heat and time to enjoy each other’s company. A family that plays together, stays together and they are no exception. From Ashlynn and Brandon’s witty remarks, to the laughs they share continuously, the Swingle family is just one you want to be around.

Thank you all for such a fun morning. I hope you guys had a wonderful time and our paths cross again sometime soon!