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    I'm Amanda and I'm a professional portrait, event and wedding photographer based out of Northern New Mexico with frequent travels back to the panhandle of Florida. How can this be? To give you a little insight on the gal behind the lens...

    I started my business in 2010 while working for a local bank in Tallahassee, Florida. A newfound passion led me to begin photographing my dog and any other individual that would allow it. After a couple of years of steady learning, combined with some of my incredible clients' trust and loyalty, I was able to cultivate my dream and love for this art into reality.

    "I use an unobtrusive approach to my photography to best produce images evolved from natural emotions. Preserving the happiness glistening from the eyes of a family or the brilliant smiles between two newlyweds give me pure joy and I thank God for this gift He has given me."

    In April of 2012, a smooth talking cowboy stole my heart and my residence carrying me to a beautifully remote ranch in the middle of the wild New Mexico mountains. I live my more-than-amazing fiancé', 2 crazy dogs and am shooting in a way I never would have imagined. I fly back to Florida every couple of months to shoot weddings for couples that end up being friends and families that always remind me of why I love what I do. As of now, I have been expanding my business around my new stomping grounds shooting big game hunts, fly fishing trips and making time to relish the incredible experiences I am blessed to have.

    S0- if you’re surrounded by live oaks or palm trees in the South, hiking through the mountains in the West or anywhere in between, give me a shout. I would love to get to know you and create a custom collection to document the love and experiences that make your life beautiful.


The Miller Family: Portraits |Albuquerque Bio Park

Hayden, with a smile that could light up any cloudy day, is having her very first Christmas. Erin and Justin are loving parents  but also loving people in general. We met last summer for family pictures in Red River, NM and it was neat to see how funny and animated Hayden has become in such a short time.

Thank you guys for giving me the pleasure of taking your Christmas pictures. I loved getting to get to know you better and hope you have a fantastic time with your families. Hope to see ya’ll again soon!

Rockin’ Holiday Special

| Tallahassee mini-sessions now available November 21-26 |

Half hour session

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The Croisant Family: Portraits {Vermejo Park Ranch, NM}

Traveling from Texas, the Croisant family arrived at Vermejo Park Ranch to spend some much needed time together. Tracy represents Cinnamon Creek Processing and resides on the ranch during most of hunting season. Quite the chef, he knows his business extremely well and also serves up the most flavorful creations. Kim, a social blogger, keeps things running smoothly in Texas AND keeps up with the cutest, most energetic boy ever- Brody. Oh..and that smile he has…contagious.

Tracy & Kim- I loved getting to spend some time you guys and your handsome little man. Tracy, thank you for giving me some fantastic photography opportunities and being a great friend to Keith and I. Kim, it was so great to see you and best of luck on all of your exciting endeavors! Have a great Thanksgiving and I hope to see ya’ll again soon!

November 6, 2014 - 5:57 pm

Kim Croisant - Sweet! Amanda – they turned out so good. How are we going to choose!! Thank you so much.

The Ritchie Family: Portraits {Raton, NM}

What an amazing family. They all share close bonds and are a delight to be around. Hannah & Sean brought Laci Rose into the world about 4 months ago. As you see, she is a beauty with the brightest eyes that make her whole family dance in happiness.

It was wonderful seeing you guys, AS ALWAYS. Your geniune hospitality is so refreshing and welcoming. Thank you for having me at your home and I hope to see ya’ll again soon!

Keese: Senior Portraits {Raton, NM}

The same Keese from Keese + Lexi’s engagement session has a busy year ahead with graduation and getting married.  The session took place on the very farm he grew up on. His down to earth nature and kind hearted ways seem to bring all the animals to him begging for some attention.