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    I'm Amanda and I'm a professional portrait and wedding photographer serving the Tallahassee, Florida and surrounding areas while branching out to northern New Mexico & southern Colorado. How can this be? To give you a little insight to the person behind the lens...

    I started my business in 2010 while working for a local bank in Tallahassee, Florida. A newfound passion led me to begin photographing my dog and any other individual that would allow it. After a couple of years of steady learning, combined with some of my incredible clients' trust and loyalty, I was able to cultivate my dream and love for this art into reality.

    "I use an unobtrusive approach to my photography to best produce images evolved from natural emotions. Preserving the memory of that one baby giggle or the gleaming happiness between a bride and groom give me pure joy and I thank God for this gift He has given me."

    In April of 2013, I moved from Florida to work on a ranch in the middle of the wild New Mexico mountains. I live with my fiance' and 2 crazy dogs and am shooting in a way I never would have imagined. I fly back to Florida every couple of months to shoot weddings for couples that end up being friends and families that always remind me of why I love what I do. As of now, I am working on expanding my business around my new stomping grounds and finding time to relish the incredible experiences I am blessed to have.

    S0- if you’re surrounded by palm trees in Florida, hiking through the mountains in New Mexico or anywhere in between, I would love to meet you and document the love and experiences that make your life beautiful.


Alex + Sterling: Engagement {Vermejo Park Ranch, NM}

A  college football player and track athlete seem like a natural fit for any power couple. They met in high school and while different colleges forced them to part ways, their love stayed strong. Alex’s spirit is as kind as her vibrant, blue eyes and Sterling keeps them sparkling while she laughs at his goofy antics.

Alex, my friend, you are wonderful in so many ways. I have loved getting to know you and will miss you dearly when you go back to school. I hope you guys enjoy every minute of this exciting time!

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Vermejo Park Ranch: Final Hike of Peaks Tour

The group made it to the summit of the final hike to Casias Lakes. The views were breathtaking the entire hike and was the perfect ending to a challenging, yet memorable experience.

Many thanks to all of you for kindness in allowing me to snap photos during a non-primped excursion. Documenting the natural beauty of the land and it’s hikers was an awesome experience!

Vermejo Park Ranch: 4 Peaks in 5 days Excursion

A group of lively ladies from Boston, a power-hiking, couple married 40 plus years, and two outstanding Outdoor Exploration guides made for a grand adventure to hike nearly 11,400 feet. Vermejo Park Ranch‘s Ash Mountain awaited as the day began at 6am. With their backpacks filled with plenty of water, fuel and supplies, the hikers began their trek through wildflowers and cool, mountain air.  Conversations exchanged detailing the differences between life in Boston to Texas, Florida to Oregon & New Mexico. Everyone had a story and in-between catching our breath while reaching high altitudes, we all shared.

The lovely Boston ladies take an annual girls trip and this year Vermejo was on the list. They have traveled all over the world together soaking in each and every unique experience. Vermejo was no exception. They hiked, rode horses through the high country, tried fly fishing and skeet shooting, and kicked back on the lodge veranda to watch a beautiful New Mexican sunset. They were a fantastic group of women to be around and kept everyone laughing.

The Boxwell’s- Mike & Vicky. Where do you begin to describe this amazing couple? Over their 40 plus years together, they have participated in hiking tours from Peru to Switzerland and who else knows where? They have a bond stronger than their mountain hiking legs and are no doubt an inspiration to all who know them.

Check back soon for the final hike of the tour!


July 16, 2014 - 11:04 pm

Vicky Boxwell - Amanda, your pictures capture the fun Mike and I had with the exceptional group of Boston ladies and their precious daughters!
Needless to say, James and Nicole completed the perfection of the Four in Five trek in Vermejo Park Ranch. Thanks!